Saturday Jazz Pianist | Cecil Taylor | Cecil Taylor Unit

I was challenged by 5000lib from the blog LISTY I [INNE] BREWERIE to choose my favourite jazz pianists/albums and to post about them, he will do the same thing at the same time – we will post every Saturday a new pianist/album – and  we will link the posts – I am really curious and thrilled about this challenge.

When I think of a jazz piano player – his name is the first to come to my mind – seeing him playing live helps a lot – the impression it caused me lasts until today. Of course he has a vast discography – to choose one of his albums is a hard task – I think Cecil Taylor Unit – portrays everything this pianist is – and how much he contributed to music.

Cecil Taylor - Cecil Taylor Unit

Tracklist: Idut 14:40; Serdab 14:13; Holiday En Masque 29:41

Personnel: Alto Saxophone – Jimmy Lyons; Bass – Norris Jones; Drums – Ronald Shannon Jackson; Piano – Cecil Taylor; Trumpet – Raphé Malik; Violin – Ramsey Ameen

Check LISTY I [INNE] BREWERIE Saturday Jazz Pianist!

15 thoughts on “Saturday Jazz Pianist | Cecil Taylor | Cecil Taylor Unit

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    • I scheduled my post and the link I had there to your blog wasn’t the link to your post about Hiromi – so I had to change it – I think it is working fine now! (I wanted my post to be linked to your post and that’s only possible after your post has been published)


      • I think that well he will be if yes I as well as you give the link to its posts. :) Of course, the way I wrote I am not influenced by your choices, but I am listening what you will choose, I am very interesting. Perhaps I will manage to synchronize fasts? So that they turn up at the same time? Apart from that I wrote the admission to our cycle under which put links will be to your and of my reviews so that are within reach, and it wasn’t necessary to search for them, or it was facilitated. If you want, you can write also the same in the free time. I am greeting :)


  2. I did not suggest to your choice. Generally, the older you are writing about jazz, hence my intuition that you write about someone that “old school jazz”.
    I not suggested to your choice. Can you give me your e-mail?


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