Saturday Jazz Pianist VI | Sun Ra | A Good Egg

Sixth week, sixth pianist. Sun Ra proposes a musical utopia where the oniric process of music would precede the revolutionary stage. Everything is exclusion from earthly life  in Sun Ra’s music: the sonority, the instruments, the compositions’ titles, the musicians’ names, the stage’s outfit, the concerts’ ceremonial, all lead to some kind of intergalactic liaison, the stars and the far eastern countries. On a cold damp August night I got the chance to listen to his Arkestra!

a good egg sun ra


5 thoughts on “Saturday Jazz Pianist VI | Sun Ra | A Good Egg

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    • It was in 82, in Vilar de Mouros, the concert started very late in the night, the Arkestra was on stage more than three hours, at 4 am the audience was asking for one more encore, the concert or should I say the liturgy involved dancing and the stage was invaded by a wave of colour, movement and sound that is impossible to forget. Sun Ra and his followers seemed to have landed there coming from out of space – their spaceship should be hidden somewhere in the bushes that involved all the festival site! :D


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