VINCENT PEIRANI LIVING BEING: Les Victoires du Jazz 2014

Listening to the sound of the accordion clearly evokes part of my country’s musical heritage, naturally that is not what comes from Vincent Peirani’s instrument, as he comes from Nice, and the accordion has always been charismatic to French music in a varied and peculiar way. Vincent studied classical music before starting to play with jazzmen and bands, his talent brought him recognition, his bands/projects consume his diverse influences from rock to electronica reflecting his own taste for freedom and exploration.

There are more than 500 festivals celebrating jazz in France, thousands of young musicians study and play, Les Victoires du Jazz distinguish  the best artists in the scene, both Vincent Peirani, revelation of the year, and Emile Parisien, artist of the year, play on this Les Victoires Du Jazz video.

Where is Vincent Peirani now? Check his upcoming concerts at

Vincent Peirani (accordion), Emile Parisien (soprano saxophone), Tony Paeleman (Rhodes), Julien Herné (bass), Yohann Serra (drums)

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