SUNDAY JAZZ CONCERT: Miguel Zenón Quartet live at Village Vanguard

Celebrating ten years of work together, Miguel Zenón Quartet plays at Village Vanguard, the prestigious New York jazz club, Miguel´s Puerto Rican upbringing comes into his playing, his melodic lines and rhythms are clearly from the island.

Also an immigrant, as thousands of compatriots, this Village Vanguard live show is precisely based on compositions inspired by interviews to immigrants living in New York expressing their feelings about the experience of coming to a different culture and how that affects their identities.

Zenón also lives in New York, it’s his first time as a band leader at the Vanguard, and he brought those new tunes with him.

WBGO and NPR Music presented a live video webcast and radio broadcast of the Miguel Zenón Quartet.

SET LIST: All compositions by Miguel Zenón.

“Identities Are Changeable”; “My Home”; “Same Fight”; “Second Generation Lullaby”; “First Language”

PERSONNEL: Miguel Zenón, alto saxophone Luis Perdomo, piano Hans Glawischnig, bass Henry Cole, drums

Where is Miguel Zenón playing these days? Check these dates at:


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