Winter JazzFest New York City January 5th – 10th 2017

Seems like a great place to be! Some streaming would be welcomed on this side of the ocean!



10 thoughts on “Winter JazzFest New York City January 5th – 10th 2017

    • It’s just a wish!
      Some summer concerts in Europe are streamed or televised, Smalls streams on a daily basis and JALC also broadcasts some shows on LiveStream, the last one I watched was Cecile McLorin Salvant and her fabulous trio…

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      • Unless the venue is previously organized to stream live, it’s still hard to do with any kind of visual or audio quality. Many music halls are already set up and Smalls? Let’s say the name is appropriate and they are committed to it. The reason that I suggest that maybe The New School could do their shows is because they are a multi-disciple college.


      • A few TV stations broadcast different kinds of musical events, they have enough quality and they are commited to it, well there’s so much junk on TV, once in a while it would be great something like this!
        Smalls broacasts its sessions daily and they are great fun!


      • The play thing I can tell you is to talk to the promoters. They are easy to find on that website. As far as quality goes, very little broadcast and none of YouTube is worth anything if you like music. It’s just a way to see what happened. But, you already know that. 🙂

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