Marta Sanchez 5tet @corneliastcafe

Well, New York is harder to dedicate your life to playing, and musicians aren’t paid as well. In Spain it’s easier to find time to play, to write music, to play with people, because you may not have to work on anything else. You can live by playing. In another sense, there are many more musicians in New York, and everybody wants to play all the time. It’s easy to be inspired, play with different people, hear music every day. So that’s a good thing about New York. There’s much more music. But it goes both ways, good and bad.

Roman Filiu, alto sax
Jerome Sabbagh, tenor sax
Marta Sanchez, piano
Allan Mednard, drums
Martin Nevin, bass

marta sanchez quintet


learn more about MARTA SANCHEZ


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