The Moment I Saw Chris Potter Live

Bill Drummond
Chris Potter
David Virelles
Dezron Douglas

chris-potter smalls jazz club


I watch / listen to Chris Potter whenever I want, he is one of them, a moment changer, a player capable of taking you through his sounds, opening wide avenues full of light or slowly stepping into dark narrow alleys, but today I  finally had the chance to see him play live, very close to the audience, the gig had two sets, he wasn’t the leader, on the squeezed bandstand of Smalls Jazz Club the quartet could loose all the Freedom of Ideas they felt like. The moment came, I lived it fully – a couple of decades ago I would call nuts the guy telling me that one day I was going to see a top saxophonist playing live at a New York jazz club on a laptop using tiny headphones! To make things quite unimaginable by then I watched the first set on my tablet, I hadn’t enough battery on my mobile to use it instead! 😀


chris potter smalls jazz club

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