NATE SMITH \ Kinfolk: Postcards From Everywhere

Nate Smith: drums, percussion, fender rhodes, synths, sounds
Kris Bowers: piano, fender rhodes
Fima Ephron: electric bass
Jeremy Most: guitars
Jaleel Shaw: alto and soprano saxophones

Dave Holland: acoustic bass, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down”
Lionel Loueke: guitar, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down”
Chris Potter: tenor saxophone, “Bounce parts I + II”
Gretchen Parlato: vocals, “Pages”
Michael Mayo: vocals, vocal percussion/effects, “Skip Step” “Retold”
Amma Whatt: vocals, “Disenchantment: The Weight” “Morning and Allison”
Adam Rogers: acoustic and electric guitars, “Spiracles”

Strings on “Disenchantment: The Weight” arranged by Kris Bowers
Strings on “Home Free (for Peter Joe)” arranged by Nate Smith

Stephanie Matthews: violin I
Juliette Jones: violin II/contractor
Christiana Liberis: viola
Reenat Pinchas: cello


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