Chick Corea and Friends | Live in Munich (1992)

Chick Corea – piano
Steve Gadd – drums
Eddie Gomez – bass
Bob Berg – tenor saxophone


4 thoughts on “Chick Corea and Friends | Live in Munich (1992)

    • Thank you so much for commenting!

      It is really an amazing quartet: Corea and Gomez at a very high level, Gadd was then a true influencer for drummers, and Berg sounds so contemporary – I like what and how he plays it! A waste the way he lost his life in a stupid and tragic accident…

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      • Yeah it’s amazing. Steve Gadd, really influenced all the musical scene (not only jazz), there is a nice performance with Paul Simon, where he plays a wonderful pop/latin rhythmic pattern (50 ways to leave your lover) which is really amazing. Bob Berg and Michael Brecker …. i still miss them so much, they changed Jazz and Pop Sax approach.
        I spoke about Brecker and Berg (in a personal way as i usually do with music), using Brecker Solo Saxophone in Donald Fagen record. Still i think that Berg Solo on Maxine and Berg Solo with Chaka Khan are really incredible.
        This is the article is in italian but google translator can give you a fair understanding i think :-)

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