Marcus Strickland is one of my favourite saxophone players – his tone, pace and inspiration are exciting.



(Do you see yourself then as a storyteller like Coltrane in terms of having a message behind the music?)


I don’t think of myself in comparison to Coltrane but yes, I think of myself as a griot too. But I think we’ve lost the storytelling aspect and have institutionalised music to the point where people are just talking about the notes. Like okay, here’s a B-flat scale and you’ve got all the notes in the scale and you just learn it and cool, now you’re playing music. But no, there’s so much more to it than that – much more, and it comes from living and also comes from being able to express yourself and how you’re feeling. The more ability that you have on the instrument the more you can express yourself and the more freedom you have. So the music should not be a barrier to what you’re aiming for. It’s a tool to get further.


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Marcus Strickland – tenor sax
feat. Chris Dave – drums
Charles Haynes – drums
BIGYUKI – keys
Chad Selph – keys
Kyle Miles – e. bass

From 36:35 on – MARCUS STRICKLAND’S Twi-Life live at Ronnie Scott’s.



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