5 thoughts on “The Nearness Of You | JOSHUA REDMAN & BRAD MEHLDAU

  1. Hi, I keep getting emails from this blog, yet I don’t follow your blog. I press unsubscribe, I managed my subscriptions and your log is no where to be found. Is there any way you can help me stop getting emails from you blog?


    • That’s really annoying!

      On your administration page you can block emails coming from your followed blogs. If you don’t follow my blog you should do it and then see what happens. I never get emails from posts.


      • Thanks for your help. I honestly don’t know what is going on because I already did that block all emails and it’s so weird because its only from you blog I get email lol. I like the blog, but getting a million emails get’s a little much haha. I just blocked the email from my gmail account so whatever. It’s a work around, but it’ll do :)


      • I was about to suggest doing the block through your Gmail account. I’m sorry to have become that irritating guy that keeps posting nonsensical stuff. That’s why block buttons were invented providing that they work…

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      • Haha ya it’s ok, it was nothing that you did. It must just be some weird glitch in the matrix I guess lol. Glad to see you still going hard on the blogging though. I’ll pop in on you from time to time.


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