I have started this blog in June 2014. By then I felt the need of organizing my persistent jazz listening, a label I use to clear out those who ask what kind of music I’m into.

Posting has become a great pleasure, some might call it addiction, doing it I’ve met unexpected people, it’s become a great pleasure to know they’re out there doing amazing stuff!

josé melo

centro cultural vila flor


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  1. Dear Jose,

    I would love to pitch some of our music to you – how do I best reach you? Or please feel free to send me an email.


    Arlette // Jazzfuel, press outreach for musicians


  2. Hi José

    I’m very happy to have stumbled across your blog, and would love to send some music to you. What’s your email address?

    Many thanks


  3. Dear José this is an awesome blog! I would like to share some new jazz from South Africa with you. If possible is there an email I could send a link to?

    Best Regards from Johannesburg


  4. Hey, I’d really love to be able to email you a jazz artist that I’m working with out of New Orleans. I think he’d fit well with the music you enjoy! How do I get in touch via email?


  5. Dear Jose,
    I wanted to appologise for posting a reply with internet links etc. Now I realized it’s not allowed on these blogs.
    In any case, I d like to see how I can share my music with you, it d be great to have you listen to it. You be been one of the jazz blogs I m going to, to find new interesting music to listen to.
    All the best,

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    • Dear Apostolos,
      I’ll be sharing your great music soon! I am aware of Petros Kamplanis and Sokratis Sinopoulos’s music who work similar sonorities (to me they sound like that, sorry if I am talking nonsense) from now on I’ll be paying more attention to the music coming from you. Love the contrast between traditional sounds and Leo Genovese’s piano and Dimitris’ drums.
      Thank you for showing me new sounds which is something I really appreciate and for taking your time to do so!

      Take care!


  6. Dear Jose,
    First of all congratulations on your fantastic blog! My name is Apostolos Sideris, I am a bassist and composer and I wanted to share with you a piece from my upcoming album called ‘Σummation’, to be released by Freshsound Newtalent on July 15.
    It is a video of a piece called ‘Ramallah’ that we captured on video in the studio.
    It s my reflexion of jazz, with an eastern melodic sensibility.

    Hope you enjoy and thank you for your time!

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  7. Hi, I run a independant label in Montevideo Uruguay, and we are about to release a album by a band that I think you might enjoy. I’ll leave you my email and if you’re interested, i can send you the album! my email is XXXXXXXXXXXXX


  8. Hey! Is there a way I can contact you via email? I have a collab idea that I thought you’d be perfect for. Hit me up! 😊


  9. What I love about jazz is that there are so many different types. You seem to do your research. No wonder you have so many followers, likes, and comments. I personally like Boney James! I’m can’t remember right now which friend turned me on to him, but I ended up with a CD I listen to every now and then. Jazz is great to have along on a long trip. It’s mellow…then it’s not. Since I love new and different, jazz works me just right!!!

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    • Exactly! I respect them all, of course I only listen and post those I like most, thank you so much for your nice words, it’s great to read them, I constantly look for new music/musicians, there are so many doing great things, so this is like mission impossible, which attracts me even more! :D


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  11. Thanks for following my blog. And I will follow you back. I was born in New Orleans so jazz just comes as natural as breathing! Looking forward to your music and post!

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