Travelling all over the world, playing at wonderful venues, making history for those to come and delighting the ones that go to a night of magic, the sorcerers of sound are sometimes recorded live and the myth grows.

I try to go out of the box of just pleasing the jazz audience, because the jazz audience can be your worst enemy, jazz, which should be the freest music, is the most imprisoned – and it’s imprisoned by the people who love it. They’re the captors, the officers. People want to shrink jazz down to a rhythmic pattern. But we´re living in the era when we have a lot more music to be influenced by than Miles did, than Coltrane did, than Charlie Parker did. So why the hell am I going to sound like them? Jazz was never a music that reflects history.

The tradition is, it keeps moving; it reflects the time we’re in.

Rober Glasper, Downbeat magazine


CHRISTIAN McBRIDE’s New Jawn » Raise Four » live at SFJAZZ 2016

Christian McBride – Bass
Nasheet Waits – Drums
Marcus Strickland – Tenor Sax
Josh Evans – Trumpet

DANIEL NÖSIG/JURE PUKL quintet » Novosadski Jazz Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia 2016

Daniel Nösig trumpet
Jure Pukl tenor saxophone
Tzumo Arpad piano
Josh Ginsburg double bass
Greg Hutchinson drums

BILL FRISELL trio » live at Centro Cultural Kirchner – Buenos Aires

Bill Frisell Tony Scherr Kenny Wollensen