Travelling all over the world, playing at wonderful venues, making history for those to come and delighting the ones that go to a night of magic, the sorcerers of sound are sometimes recorded live and the myth grows.

I try to go out of the box of just pleasing the jazz audience, because the jazz audience can be your worst enemy, jazz, which should be the freest music, is the most imprisoned – and it’s imprisoned by the people who love it. They’re the captors, the officers. People want to shrink jazz down to a rhythmic pattern. But we´re living in the era when we have a lot more music to be influenced by than Miles did, than Coltrane did, than Charlie Parker did. So why the hell am I going to sound like them? Jazz was never a music that reflects history.

The tradition is, it keeps moving; it reflects the time we’re in.

Rober Glasper, Downbeat magazine


the NADA » O’Brien » MUSEU Nogueira da Silva – BRAGA

This blog post joins a few dots, all very important in my music listening/loving: the video which I found out by chance is the outcome of my ceaseless search for new things, the gig is just one of the few I saw this year, the band was a good surprise – the sounds are an electric platform, flowing from different influences – all important – none of them ever predominant. The place is the Museu Nogueira da Silva – improbable full of  huge chandeliers venue – finally on that particular day the saxophone player was João Mortágua who was born in the same small town as myself – who would have guessed years ago that would ever happen!

Eurico Costa – guitar
João Mortágua – saxophone
Simon Jermyn – bass
José Marrucho – drums

LIONEL LOUEKE » Veuve Malienne » Blue Note at 75

Sounds coming from the heart reaching mine, evoking places and people I was lucky to meet once!


Loueke has also absorbed all that has come his way, and although he tends to lean more firmly in a solid jazz direction—he has spent time in both Terence Blanchard’s and *Herbie Hancock’s bands—he too has developed a playing style that proudly displays an undeniable African component.

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amazing photos by STEVEN CROPPER


guitarist Lionel Loueke bassist Massimo Biolcati and drummer Ferenc Nemeth

ANDRÉ SANTOS » Vitamina D » Culturgest

André Santos guitar

Matt Adomeit doublebass

Tristan Renfrow drums

GREGORY PORTER » Illusion & 1960 What” – Jazz à Vienne 2012

Grégory PORTER (vocals)
Chip CRAWFORD (piano – keys)
Aaron JAMES (doublebass)
Emmanuel HAROLD (drums)
Yosuke SATO (saxophone)