BOWMAN trio » Bowman Trio


Bowman Trio has written their music around the imaginary adventurer J. Bowman, portraying his lively phases on, for example, Mount Everest. The trio’s sound could be described as swinging, catchy and nuanced; the narrative melodicity of “Hard Work”, tender melancholy of “Summer in Visby and the tight gangster swing of the closing track, “How to Win a Gunfight”, the album’s moods and atmospheres surprise and delight the ear. The album captures the intimate milieu of the coffee shop and the trio’s smoky, cool swing in all its hues wonderfully.


WE JAZZ records

Tomi Nikku, trumpet / Joonas Tuuri, bass / Sami Nummela, drums





A taste of GOGO PENGUIN before their February release!

pianist Chris Illingworth bassist Nick Blacka drummer Rob Turner


DAN TEPFER » Eleven Cages


(…) Returning to the album’s covers, Tepfer — who has re-imagined songs from Jacques Brel’s “Le Plat Pays” to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on past trio albums — refers to the essence of those numbers. “I start with the lyrics in a way,” he says, “because if you know the words, you can speak them in the music. I genuinely dig ‘Single Ladies,’ how it’s both super-earnest and self-mocking at the same time, both fierce and sweet, sublime and ridiculous. Then there’s the fresh, creative sound of the song, with all its hooks and that distilled quality I mentioned being a goal in my own music. My mother is an opera singer, so I grew up with ‘I Loves You, Porgy’ in Gershwin’s original operatic setting and, of course, then came to love versions from Nina Simone to early Bill Evans and later Keith Jarrett. In the opera, the song reflects acutely how complex romantic relationships can be. Then there is Gershwin’s melody, with its beautiful inevitability a hallmark of a great composer. But, again, engaging authentically with the lyrics makes the songs personal for me, and the personal is always meaningful. And meaning is everything.” 


Dan Tepfer: piano; Thomas Morgan: bass; Nate Wood: drums


JULIA HÜLSMANN trio » Sooner and Later


Berlin-based pianist Julia Hülsmann returns to the trio format for Sooner And Later, an album which distils the experience of journeys to distant destinations. In the last couple of years Hülsmann, bassist Marc Muellbauer and drummer Heinrich Köbberling have taken their music around the world, from Europe to the US, Canada, Peru, Central Asia and China, “where something special developed. It helped to open up new sonic territory for us”. The Central-Asian weeks find their most explicit echo in the form of “Biz Joluktuk”, a tune the band heard in performance from a 12 year old violinist in Kyrgyzstan and which was later re-harmonized by Julia.  Once again all three members of the trio have contributed compositions to the album.  The title of Hülsmann’s “Thatpujai” is an anagram of “Jutta Hipp”, and its theme is comprised of phrases from the late German  jazz pianist’s solos.  The program is rounded out by a cover of Radiohead’s “All I Need”  which, like the Hülsmann-penned tracks “J.J.”, “Soon” or “Mond” with their sometimes almost clubby grooves, emphasizes the subtle rhythmic aspects of the trio’s music. Sooner And Later was recorded in September 2016 in Oslo’s Rainbow Studio, and produced by Manfred Eicher.

ECM records

Julia Hülsmann: piano; Marc Muellbauer: double bass; Heinrich Köbberling: drums


MARA ROSENBLOOM trio » Prairie Burn


Mara Rosenbloom: piano; Sean Conly: bass; Chad Taylor: drums


Żądza » Momentum


Nicolas Granelet » Compositions, piano, rhodes, machines

Dominique Bénété » Contrebasse, effets

Alban Guyonnet » Percussions, effets





Alexi Tuomarila piano
Mats Eilertsen double bass
Olavi Louhivuori drums