JOSHUA REDMAN quartet » Spirit of the Moment » Live at the Village Vanguard

Reading an interview in Downbeat magazine, in which Ambrose Akinmusire referred his excitement as a young musician when he first encountered this album and how great its atmosphere was – made me go back to it , it’s my deep listening for today!

Joshua Redman saxophones
Peter Martin piano
Chris Thomas bass
Brian Blade drums

ANTONIO SANCHEZ » Three Times Three

Three time three, three trios, 9 tracks, 3 pieces each formation – so much to listen to … – deep listeming in August.

Antonio Sanchez ( Drums )
Joe Lovano ( Tenor Sax )
John Patitucci ( Acoustic And Electric Bass )
Matt Brewer ( Acoustic And Electric Basses )
Brad Mehldau ( Piano )
John Scofield ( Guitar )
Christian McBride ( Electric And Acoustic Bass )


SEAMUS BLAKE » Superconductor

Along the year, time can make you lose some gems – holidays are ideal for deep listening!

Seamus Blake – saxophone
Rachel Fastenow – flute
Douglas Yates – clarinet
Rob Mosher – english horn/clarinet
John Ellis – bass clarinet
Marshall Gilkes – trombone
Tom Chiu – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Felix Fan – cello
Gonzalo Rubalcaba – piano
Matt Clohesy – bass
Nate Smith – drums

ANNE METTE IVERSEN quartet » Round Trip


Anne Mette Iversen Quartet +1:
John Ellis – tenor sax
Peter Dahlgren – trombone
Danny Grissett – piano
Anne Mette Iversen – bass & composition
Otis Brown III – drums and cymbals

CHARLES LLOYD New Quartet » Passin’ Through

Going on with my deep listening – CHARLES LLOYD New Quartet » Passin’ Through- “I’ve got a pocketful of blues here still, you know?” says Charles Lloyd on this NPR interview.



(…) And the benefit for me now of having more mileage on the chassis is that I don’t have to — the benefit of experience in the years, because if you stay awake during your apprenticeship through here, a lot of blessings can happen for you, but wakefulness is the main one. And what happens there is that now, I get direct connection from the infinite that blesses me with song. And so the benefits of all those years, to be able to apprehend that with a group, and they can hear it in the sound, because it’s sonic, you know; we’re sound seekers. And we get these blessings. I’m not able to articulate it, I’m simply trying to say what you probably can put into words better, it’s not my forte — but I’m very thrilled that we have this rapport.

Charles Lloyd




Charles Lloyd Jason Moran Reuben Rogers Eric Harland 


PHRONESIS » Parallax

Another selection for my daily deep listening – Phronesis » Parallax – I’m not sure if words/sentences can really describe music – anyhow this word cloud was made using the words of over thirty reviews of the album – I guess that could give a slight idea about it or not. (…)

cover from phronesis 'parallax' album