JOSHUA REDMAN quartet » Spirit of the Moment » Live at the Village Vanguard

Reading an interview in Downbeat magazine, in which Ambrose Akinmusire referred his excitement as a young musician when he first encountered this album and how great its atmosphere was – made me go back to it , it’s my deep listening for today!

Joshua Redman saxophones
Peter Martin piano
Chris Thomas bass
Brian Blade drums

ANTONIO SANCHEZ » Three Times Three

Three time three, three trios, 9 tracks, 3 pieces each formation – so much to listen to … – deep listeming in August.

Antonio Sanchez ( Drums )
Joe Lovano ( Tenor Sax )
John Patitucci ( Acoustic And Electric Bass )
Matt Brewer ( Acoustic And Electric Basses )
Brad Mehldau ( Piano )
John Scofield ( Guitar )
Christian McBride ( Electric And Acoustic Bass )


SEAMUS BLAKE » Superconductor

Along the year, time can make you lose some gems – holidays are ideal for deep listening!

Seamus Blake – saxophone
Rachel Fastenow – flute
Douglas Yates – clarinet
Rob Mosher – english horn/clarinet
John Ellis – bass clarinet
Marshall Gilkes – trombone
Tom Chiu – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Felix Fan – cello
Gonzalo Rubalcaba – piano
Matt Clohesy – bass
Nate Smith – drums

CHARLES LLOYD New Quartet » Passin’ Through

Going on with my deep listening – CHARLES LLOYD New Quartet » Passin’ Through- “I’ve got a pocketful of blues here still, you know?” says Charles Lloyd on this NPR interview.



(…) And the benefit for me now of having more mileage on the chassis is that I don’t have to — the benefit of experience in the years, because if you stay awake during your apprenticeship through here, a lot of blessings can happen for you, but wakefulness is the main one. And what happens there is that now, I get direct connection from the infinite that blesses me with song. And so the benefits of all those years, to be able to apprehend that with a group, and they can hear it in the sound, because it’s sonic, you know; we’re sound seekers. And we get these blessings. I’m not able to articulate it, I’m simply trying to say what you probably can put into words better, it’s not my forte — but I’m very thrilled that we have this rapport.

Charles Lloyd




Charles Lloyd Jason Moran Reuben Rogers Eric Harland 


AZIZA » Aziza

The group’s name comes from the mythology of Dahomey, the African kingdom that would become Loueke’s homeland of Benin. Aziza is the god of inspiration, a small, elusive woodland creature that lends its magic to artists and hunters in the woods. It’s an apt name for a quartet that so deftly blends the spiritual and the earthy, the organic and the mystical.

Starkult Promotion

Chris Potter: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Lionel Loueke: guitar, vocals

Dave Holland: bass

Eric Harland: drums


Wonderfully long hot days – simple tasks, clear choices – here’s the album for the day – the daily soundtrack.

Something similar has already happened with Dark Territory by Dave Douglas and Nearness by Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau. I guess that’s the plan for the coming days.


(The name of the band, Triveni, refers to the sacred Triveni Sangam at Allahabad in India, and to the meeting of the three rivers there)

It means the waters come together and you don’t see anymore what was the other river. It is the Ganges, the Yamuna, the Saraswati. The third is the mythical one, it doesn’t really exist. What I had in mind is, I’m the Ganges, Omer is the Yamuna, and Nasheet is the Saraswati. Omer is the known, we have that history together. And Nasheet is the mysterious force for me, on my side. He’s unpredictable, always changing what exists and what doesn’t exist. There’s always surprise in his playing, so he’s that one.

Avishai Cohen


Josh and I both value listening closely to the other player. It definitely plays into this duo format. Having said that, there is always a counterintuitive possibility: sometimes there are exciting moments of rupture here when one of us just charges forward brazenly, independent of what the other guy is doing. This is interesting to me, this notion of respecting and trusting the other player enough to play something that is, on the face of it, disrespectful. All of these variables on the bandstand are applicable to friendships. Jazz is nothing if not a social music, a music of social interaction.

Brad Mehldau

DAVE DOUGLAS » Dark Territory

Dave Douglas – trumpet
Shigeto – electronics
Jonathan Maron – bass
Mark Guiliana – drums


 The title was suggested by the writer Fred Kaplan, whose new book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War, talks about the similarly mysterious, murky waters of underground activity. In a way, we’re playing through a similar territory without rules where the dangers and challenges of technology are much greater than normal.

Dave Douglas