DONnY McCASLIN | Alpha and Omega


Donny McCaslin
Jason Lindner, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana



Donny McCaslin Quartet | Lazarus (D. Bowie)

Donny McCaslin
Mark Guiliana
Jason Lindner
Jonathan Maron

Heading to the concert | Donny McCaslin Quartet #guimarãesjazz 2016

Slowly walking down the sidewalk minutes before the concert, there’s a hotel on the left side of me, I saw four guys coming down the opposite footway preparing to cross the street. One of them looked familiar, I slowed down my pace and clearly waited for them. Now we were side by side, my guess was right, the taller guy was walking one step ahead of me and already understanding that I was into something. Then I told him, “you’re Donny“, he seemed a bit surprised and smiled, I went on “you’re Mark” I said to the guy who was checking his mobile – I think he said “that’s right” when he checked me out interrupting his scrolling, ” and you’re Jason” I said to the guy walking next to Donny who was also looking at his phone. He looked back at me wondering who’s this guy telling my name, then I said to the last guy  ” and you’re not Tim, are you?” “I’m the new guy, but Not Tim is a good name!” he said. We laughed, Not Tim asked my name, Donny asked me if I was from Guimarães. “Are you guys ready for the concert? Looking forward to it and the usual “break a leg” wish were the last words when we were already heading different ways! The encounter was brief but unforgettable!

(…) The concert was amazing – they play amazing sounds – they were exactly how I was expecting them to be – fabulous! The last song they played was Fast Future. …

donny mccaslin quartet guimarães jazz 2016

Myron Walden: Higher Ground

Higher Ground was released in 2002 when Myron Walden was 20-some old – the record confirms all the buzz that was going on about him. He had been playing with Wynton Marsalis, Nat Adderley and Lou Donaldson, featuring in ensembles led by Jason Lindner, Brian Blade and co-founded the New York Jazz Composers Octet. Walden plays alto saxophone against tenor saxophonist Marcus Strickland – both remind in some ways of Eric Dolphy playing with John Coltrane.

Track Listing: Solid; Page One; Slow and Steady; You Dig; Higher Ground; When Time Stood Still; High Above the Clouds. MYRON WALDEN, composer on all selections.

Personnel: Myron Walden- Alto saxophone. Marcus Strickland- Tenor saxophone. Brandon Owens- Bass. E.J. Strickland- Drums.

myron walden

Donny McCaslin: ‘Fast Future’ live at the 55 Bar

If we ride with such bands, we will most likely see the future now!

Featuring: Donny McCaslin – tenor saxophone Jason Lindner – electric and acoustic pianos, synthesizers Tim Lefebvre – electric bass Mark Guiliana – drums

Live at:

donny mccaslin

DONNY McCASLIN | Fast Future

Trying to find the right pace to fully appreciate the music, I chose Donny McCaslin‘s album Fast Future – ideal for my mood. It’s on Bandcamp, buy it if it pleases you!

Track Listing: Fast Future; No Eyes; Love and Living; Midnight Light; 54 Cymru Beats; Love What is Mortal; Underground City; This Side of Sunrise; Blur; Squeeze Thru.

Personnel: Donny McCaslin: tenor saxophone; Jason Lindner: keyboards; Tim Lefebvre: bass; Mark Guiliana: drums.

ANAT COHEN QUARTET || In The Spirit of Baden

A new week, a new day – a great balance is required to face all this, all work and no play – what’s the point?

Anat Cohen Quartet in an absolute treat!

Anat Cohen (clarinet) Jason Lindner (piano and Fender Rhodes), Daniel Freedman (drums) and Tal Mashiach (bass).