José James: vocals

Jason Moran: piano; John Patitucci: bass; Eric Harland: drums



Sofie Sorman – Ripples – 2013

From the time I hadn’t realized yet that writing posts in Portuguese wouldn’t get any attention from readers: Sofie Sorman – Ripples, a Swedish singer, extreme sweetness on display, love it!

Sofie Sorman é oriunda da Suécia, habitando em Paris desde 2000, este seu álbum – Ripples – desenvolve-se sem pressas, os seus temas tendo a voz de Sofie como centro, quase param, com uma doçura por vezes extrema. Acompanhada por Armel Dupas, piano, Karl Jannuska, bateria e Joan Eche-Puig, baixo / contrabaixo – Sofie assegura a precisão, o detalhe aliados ao cuidado e carinho que fizeram nascer estas composições.

Sofie Sörman: Voz/Composição
Armel Dupas: Piano/Arranjos
Joan Eche Puig: Contrabaixo
Karl Jannuska: Bateria

Faixas: Corners; Ripples; Detox; Etoile Moyenne; Hidden space; Mystery; Paris; Dagen Viker; Dreamer; Healing souls; Changes

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Kurt Elling: The Gate

Jazz musicians are mostly men – jazz vocalists are mostly women. Kurt Elling invades this almost sacred female territory and accomplishes the task supremely! Along the album, Elling looks back to the songs that attracted him to the music, crossing boundaries between R&B, soul, pop and progressive rock!

Tracks: Matte Kudesai; Steppin’ Out; Come Running to Me; Norwegian Wood; Blue in Green; Samurai Cowboy; After the Love Has Gone; Golden Lady; Nighttown, Lady Bright.

Personnel: Kurt Elling: voice; Bob Mintzer: tenor saxophone; John McLean: guitar; Laurence Hobgood: piano; John Patitucci: bass; Terreon Gulley: drums and percussion (1, 2-5, 8, 9); Kobie Watkins: drums (2, 5, 7); Lenny Castro: percussion (2, 3, 5, 6).

Track Listing: Track #1; Track #2; Track #3.

Personnel: Musician Name #1: instrument; Musician Name #2: instrument; Musician Name #3: instrument.

Kurt Elling The Gate

The Bad Plus & Wendy Lewis: live at JazzAldia 2009

Absolute delight – the trio has engaged popular music masterworks as a starting point for contemporary jazz improvisation. Joining the band, Minneapolis-based alternative-rock singer Wendy Lewis, transforms it into a postmodern improvising cover band. Songs like Lithium, New Year’s Day and Long Distance Runaround to name just a few, surprise us to say the least!

Musicians: REID ANDERSON – bass ETHAN IVERSON – piano DAVID KING – drums WENDY LEWIS – chant
Track List: 1. Apollo (Stravinsky) 2. You Are (Anderson) 3. Bill Hickman at Home (Iverson) 4. Fém (Ligetti) 5. Knows the Difference (Anderson) 6. Anthem for the Earnest (King) 7. Lithium (Nirvana)
8. Radio Cure (Wilco) 9. Blue Velvet (Angelo Badalamenti) 10. Long Distance Runaround (Yes) 11. New Year’s Day (U2) 12. How Deep His Your Love (Bee Gees) 13. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
E N C O R E 14. Heart of Gold (Neil Young)

Emily Saunders: You Caught Me

Emily Saunders has a strong vocal technique and wonderful phrasing – the tune You Caught Me is here to prove it!

Sofie Sorman: Ripples

Sofie Sorman is from Sweden, living in Paris since 2000, her album Ripples, develops so slowly, the tracks have her voice as the centre, they almost stop, with a sweetness at times almost extreme. Sofie assures the precision, the detail, the album shows the  love and tenderness that made possible these compositions.

Sofie Sörman: Vocals/Composition

ArmelDupas: Piano
Joan Eche Puig: Bass
Karl Jannuska: Drums

Tracks: Corners; Ripples; Detox; Etoile Moyenne; Hidden space; Mystery; Paris; Dagen Viker; Dreamer; Healing souls; Changes

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CECILE McLORIN SALVANT: It’s Easy To Blame The Weather

No more blaming the weather, after all today it is hotter and sunnier than it should be, spring is here to stay, Cecile your only alibi is really over, you have to tell your friends what’s happened! Extraordinary singing!

Cecile McLorin Salvant sings “It’s Easy To Blame The Weather” with the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra.

SUNDAY JAZZ CONCERT: Archie Shepp Quartet live at Jazzwoche Burghausen 2001

Starting the one thousand posting series, I have to come back to someone that means a lot to the music and to me as well!

ARCHIE SHEPP – tenor sax, voc, piano AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS – piano, voc RONNIE BURRAGE – drums WAYNE DOCKERY – bass