Shai Maestro, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Avishai Cohen \ When You Stop Seeing

How important are words before a beautiful song?

Listen to Shai’s, you’ll get the point!

MYRON WALDEN \ Like A Flower Seeking The Sun

Myron Walden (alto saxophone)
Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar)
Dwayne Burno (bass)
Eric McPherson (drums)

Chris Cheek | Vine

Brad Mehldau – piano, Fender Rhodes piano
Chris Cheek – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Jorge Rossy – drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar



Kurt Rosenwinkel: The Next Step

Back in time to find Kurt Rosenwinkel playing in trio – and how divinely –  along with Mark Turner and Jeff Ballard.

Personnel: Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar, piano); Mark Turner (tenor saxophone); Jeff Ballard (drums).

kurt rosenwinkel