MARY HALVORSON octet: Away With You




MARY HALVORSON octet: Away With You


TAYLOR HO BYNUM: The Ambiguity Manifesto




TAYLOR HO BYNUM: The Ambiguity Manifesto


MARY HALVORSON : Gnration, Braga






MARY HALVORSON quintet \ Bending Bridges

Mary Halvorson: guitar
Jonathan Finlayson: trumpet
Jon Irabagon: alto saxophone
John Hébert: bass
Ches Smith: drums

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Mary Halvorson solo guitar: Newport Jazz Festival Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mary Halvorson

Date:Saturday, July 30, 2016
Venue: Fort Adams State Park
Stage: Storyville
Time: 2:20 PM – 3:10 PM



Their music is absolutely rad – the ensemble explores a difficult language or is it simply a deeply strong accent?

Mary Halvorson: guitar; Jonathan Finlayson: trumpet; Jon Irabagon: alto saxophone; John Hébert: bass; Ches Smith: drums.


Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet – Part II Strike

For a better understanding of this type of composition, I quote Taylor Ho Bynum, his composer:

“My goal, is not just to blur the lines between composition and improvisation (a long-time pursuit), but to try to upend the listeners’ expectations in other ways: circular melodies without beginnings or ends, disguised unisons and non-repetitive vamps, transitions that are simultaneously jarring and organic. Most importantly, I want to spotlight the striking individuality and virtuosity of all the players, albeit in a context where the needs of the ensemble reign supreme—a concerto for sextet, if you will.”

Personnel: Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet; Jim Hobbs: alto sax; Bill Lowe: bass trombone, tuba; Mary Halvorson: guitar; Ken Filiano: bass; Tomas Fujiwara: drums