DAY 36: album | TIM BERNE’s SNAKEOIL: The Fantastic Mrs. 10



Days have no names for me: today’s 36 … I start classes on 38.





TIM BERNE’s SNAKEOIL: The Fantastic Mrs. 10



BRIAN KROCK | liddle











Dave Douglas Quintet: Time Travel

Dave Douglas, trumpet player, has founded his own record label, Greenleaf Music, releasing his own recordings as well as albums by other artists in the jazz area.

He is a pioneer in new music marketing, setting new delivery methods for the jazz world and artist-run labels.

Time Travel features some of today’s brightest new stars – the quintet expresses Douglas’ independent spirit and enthusiasm, by choosing young and gifted collaborators.


Track Listing: Bridge to Nowhere; Time Travel; Law Of Historical Memory; Beware of Doug; Little Feet; Garden State; The Pigeon and the Pie.

Personnel: Dave Douglas: trumpet; Jon Irabagon: tenor saxophone; Matt Mitchell: piano; Linda Oh: bass; Rudy Royston: drums.

DAVE DOUGLAS QUINTET: Live at Donosti Jazz Festival

A powerful quintet – the living proof of how the music is alive – ever-growing and inspired!

Dave Douglas trumpet Jon Irabagon saxophone Linda Oh bass Matt Mitchell piano Rudy Royston drums

Dave Douglas Quintet | Wake Up Claire

It’s time to Wake Up Claire by the Dave Douglas Quintet – I certainly need to wake up right away – it’s not very unpleasant to do it this way!
Dave Douglas – trumpet Jon Irabagon – tenor saxophone Matt Mitchell – piano Linda Oh – bass Rudy Royston – drums

Darius Jones | Le Bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)

Much of the hatred and ugliness in the world comes from everyone trying to create a unison when they should be striving to create a harmony.”

Darius Jones

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Tracks: 1 .Two Worlds, One Soul .(10:11) 2 .Chanteuse in Blue .(9:01) 3 .Universal Translator .(8:30)4 .Beneath the Skin (we are already one) .(11:34) 5 .I Can’t Keep From Weeping .(7:00) 6 .Quand Vient la Nuit .(6:34)

Personnel: Darius Jones: alto saxophone Matt Mitchell: piano, Rhodes Sean Conly: bass Ches Smith: drum set, percussion Emillie Lesbros: voice, piano on 6
Pascal Niggenkemper: bass on 6