NIK BÄRTSCH . Entendre

NIK BÄRTSCH . Entendre


BRAD MEHLDAU | Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

All over the years Jazz has dialogued with popular music, refreshing itself this way, I am pleased with this kind of engagement, Brad Mehldau always looks for these new sounds opening new doors.

Jason Moran | Modernistic

Jason Moran is tracing where jazz is going and carries the strong tradition of jazz greats – this is his first solo album – Modernistic.
You may listen to it on Spotify!

Track Listing: 1. You’ve Got to Be Modernistic 2. Body and Soul 3.Planet Rock 4. Planet Rock Postscript 5. Time into Space into Time 6. Gansterism on Irons 7. Moran Tonk Circa 1935 8. Passion 9. Gangsterism on a Lunchtable 10. Auf Einer Burg/In a Fortress 11. Gentle Shifts South

Personnel: Jason Moran – piano, mini piano