DAY 3 MIX | Shopping Spree


First time out, shopping spree, felt like a hoarder for buying 3 medium-sized tuna cans. Proud for not having bought toilet paper.





BLUE NOTE records




BLUE NOTE records


SWO8 Blues Jazz – the playlist


I had already made the decision, I know I still have some scheduled posts, that would be it until …

Then I saw this comment – travelling and music – before I stop here’s something I need to do …



It’s my first short list of five names reflecting my taste and deep desire to see them perform!

Two of them wouldn’t be the first time ( Ambrose Akinmusire & Mark Guiliana), Shabaka Hutchings and Avishai Cohen would bring freshness and vitality along with instant inspiration!

Completing the list KAPOK would be the treat – the proof that this music is always full of surprises!