Travelling all over the world, playing at wonderful venues, making history for those to come and delighting the ones that go to a night of magic, the sorcerers of sound are sometimes recorded live and the myth grows.

I try to go out of the box of just pleasing the jazz audience, because the jazz audience can be your worst enemy, jazz, which should be the freest music, is the most imprisoned – and it’s imprisoned by the people who love it. They’re the captors, the officers. People want to shrink jazz down to a rhythmic pattern. But we´re living in the era when we have a lot more music to be influenced by than Miles did, than Coltrane did, than Charlie Parker did. So why the hell am I going to sound like them? Jazz was never a music that reflects history.

The tradition is, it keeps moving; it reflects the time we’re in.

Rober Glasper, Downbeat magazine



Robert Glasper Experiment & Lionel Loueke \ Tribal Dance \ LIVE At Itunes Festival 2012

Piano: Robert Glasper
Drums: Mark Colenburg
Bass: Derrick Hodge
Sax/vocoder: Casey Benjamin

Robert Glasper Experiment | ArtScience

Robert Glasper keyboards
Derrick Hodge bass
Casey Benjamin saxophone, vocals
Mark Colenburg drums



Robert Glasper Experiment | Say Yes

Big names on this quartet :

Robert Glasper

Casey Benjamin

Mark Colenburg

Derrick Hodge

Robert Glasper Experiment | Leverkusener Jazztage 2016

Lucky those who could be there watching and listening to so much talent – blessed all those who made it possible that I could watch it as many times as I wish.

Live at 37. Leverkusener Jazztage Forum, Germany, 09.11.2016

Robert Glasper – piano, keyboards

Burniss Travis – bass

Mike Severson – guitar

Mark Colenburg – drums

Casey Benjamin – saxophone, vocoder

more Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper Experiment | Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

Robert Glasper
Derrick Hodge
Casey Benjamin
Mark Colenburg

Robert Glasper Experiment & Gregory Porter // North Sea Jazz 2013

North Sea Jazz 2013, Robert Glasper Experiment are playing, then Robert calls for Gregory and a unique magical moment happens, lucky the ones who were there to live it!

Casey Benjamin (saxophone); Robert Glasper (piano); Derrick Hodge (bass); Mark Colenburg (drums) and Gregory Porter (vocals)

TORINO JAZZ FESTIVAL: Robert Glasper Experiment

It is tonight, if you are close to it you should try the Robert Glasper Experiment : here’s a taste of it , it’s at 21h30, you won’t regret it!

More about the concert at

Robert Glasper, keyboards Mark Colenburg, drums Casey Benjamin, saxophone, vocoder, voice Burniss Travis II, electric bass

The Torino Jazz Festival will be from 22nd April to 1st May. The setlist and many more events may be checked on the link below.




Lionel Loueke: “I have two heritages. One is from my ancestors from Africa, and that goes through my music, my body, my soul, every aspect of what I do. But also I have the heritage from the Occident, from the West, from Europe and the U.S. I speak English, I speak French, and I have that heritage too.”(…)

“Robert is a true genius, and I knew that he’d be the right person. I like a musician who surprises me all the time. We’re good friends and we’re both open, and that’s when the magic happens.”