Music is the search for a common new place for both musicians and listeners, we move constantly, free and with no boundaries.

Sara Serpa (voice), André Matos (guitar), Kris Davis (piano), Ben Street (bass), Ted Poor (drums)

Sara Serpa + André Matos | Song For A Sister

“With André Matos, I feel we are both coming from the same place, meaning we have the same background; history and we play a lot together. We live together, we travel together—so much of that communication and shared moments comes out through our music. We also play a lot of original material, and finding my own space in that material is challenging, because I never do the same thing on every song. Sometimes I accompany him, sometimes I don’t sing, sometimes I improvise—to find that balance of when to sing and when to be silent is challenging in some way. Also, there’s a lot of nakedness in a duo setting, we can’t hide behind any other instrument, and we have to accept what comes out without being very judgmental.”

Sara Serpa/Ran Blake: Aurora

Sara Serpa‘s Aurora follows her debut album Inner Circle – singing live in Lisbon, her hometown, accompanied by prominent pianist and former teacher Ran Blake – Sara keeps possession of  a fresh and irreverent technique. Together they never sound straightforward or predictable – even when interpreting jazz standards. Depth and innocence come together within their tasteful repertoire.

Track Listing: Saturday; When Autumn Sings; Dr. Mabuse; Cansaço; Moonride; Strange Fruit; Mahler Noir; The Band Played On; Love Lament; Wende; Fine and Dandy; Last Night When We Were Young.

Personnel: Sara Serpa: vocals; Ran Blake: piano.

sara serpa ran blake aurora