Melissa Aldana Quintet @SmallsJazzClub | some minutes before the …



Smalls Live: Alex Sipiagin Quintet

ALEX SIPIAGIN (trumpet) // WILL VINSON (alto sax) // BORIS KOZLOV (bass) // DAVE KIKOSKI (piano) // DONALD EDWARDS (drums)

Check it Live at:

alex sipiagin

THE MYRON WALDEN GROUP: streaming from #SmallsLIVE

Check out The Myron Walden Group show @SmallsLIVE:

smalls STREAMINGmyron

Very Early Sunday Morning @SmallsJazzClub

I started the day trying to watch a live broadcast from Smalls Jazz Club, I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, the day before I had signed up by email to be able to do it for free. I am truly amazed how good the broadcasting was, the after-hours jam session was awesome, the musicians kept coming, apparently from the audience  one after the other, when it was over, a voice just said “ladies and gentlemen, Smalls will be closing in 5 minutes, please finish your drinks”.

Sketching not Scatting at Smalls Jazz Club, NYC

David Schnitter was playing tenor saxophone at Smalls when hugo costa made the sketch, inspired by the music and the place, his talent captured the magic of jazz clubs – I praise the sketcher for daily posting works of art, follow his blog – if you like being surprised on a daily basis!