ZARA McFARLANE | Estival Jazz Lugano 2019







Zara McFarlane: lead & backing vocals, handclaps;

Moses Boyd: drums, djembe, handclaps; Max Luthert: bass, voice (track 12), handclaps;

Binker Golding: tenor saxophone; Nathaniel Cross: trombone;

Peter Edwards: grand piano, organ, rhodes, melodica, clavinet, voice (track 12), handclaps;

Shirley Tetteh: electric guitar, voice (track 12), handclaps; Shabaka Hutchings: bass clarinet (track 10);

Pete Eckford: percussion; Neil Charles: bass (track 11);

David Wehinm: voice (track 12), handclaps; Ruth Elder: violin & viola (track 11); Carola Krebs: cello (track 11)





ZARA McFARLANE | Angie La La | @Bimhuis Amsterdam

Zara McFarlane (v), Moses Boyd (drums), Jay Darwish (bass), Peter Edwards (piano), Binker Golding (sax)

Zara McFarlane \ Plain Gold Ring @Bimhuis Amsterdam

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Zara McFarlane (vocals)

Moses Boyd (drums)

Jay Darwish (bass)

Peter Edwards (piano)

Zara McFarlane: Move | Victoires du Jazz 2014

Zara Mc Farlane
Moses Boyd
Peter Edwards
Max Luthert
Binker Golding

Zara McFarlane | If You Knew Her

The music starts, then comes the voice, everything seems to stop, hovering above us we follow her chant, it doesn’t matter where we go, we trust her!

Zara McFarlane: vocals (all), piano (6), guitar (4)
Peter Edwards: piano (2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11)
Gavin Barras: Bass (1, 8)
Max Luthert: bass (2, 3, 5, 7, 10)
Moses Boyd: drums (3)
Andy Chapman: drums (2, 10)
Taz Modi: drums (8)
Binker Golding: tenor saxophone (10)
Leron Thomas: trumpet (8)
Rachel Gladwin: harp (8)



ZARA McFARLANE || Police & Thieves

A great version of a wonderful singer, Zara McFarlane, the video is as cool as the song, perfect for the end of the day!

Piano – Peter Edwards Drums – Andy Chapman Double bass – Max Luthert Tenor sax – Binker Golding

Zara McFarlane – Live at Pori Jazz 2014

Zara McFarlane is one of the voices, the video has no flaws whatsoever – PARAMAX FILMS produces exceptional videos – everything is so perfect!

Jazz UK Magazine

Zara Mcfarlane composes the front cover of this monthly magazine: inside she talks about her new album and tour: within we can also find articles on: education for jazz, blogs about the topic and information on the young British jazz scene. Flip the magazine – click the image!